Highways England Protocol for Dealing
with Planning Applications

Highways England (previously known as the Highways Agency) published an informative document entitled 'Highways Agency Protocol for Dealing with Planning Applications'.

This protocol was prepared to assist developers and their representatives in working alongside the Highways Agency when submitting planning applications for developments which could have an impact on the strategic road network. It is also designed to assist Local Planning Authorities, Local Highway Authorities and the Highways Agency internal planning teams in the review of planning applications to enable prompt and consistent responses.

By working in this way, all parties will have the opportunity to avoid abortive costs and to minimise potential delays through the planning process.

The protocol represents the results of significant collaborative working between two national developers, a number of Local Planning Authorities and the Highways Agency. The decision has now been taken to fully adopt the Protocol within the Highways Agency and therefore, publicise it across the wider planning community.

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